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5 shops so far + 2 units inside offices :)
Edinburgh, EH3 6AA
United Kingdom

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Social business, fresh, local, healthy food, donating 100% of profits to social causes in Scotland & throughout the world.
Social Bite prepares hand made food every day, using fresh, healthy and local produce. No sell by dates. No preservatives. Just the best local ingredients, served up daily.
Social Bite plans to grow large enough to take on the big dogs such as Pret A Manger, Subway & Greggs - the exception being that it will be done with 100% social mission statement - not for greed, not for profit, for the homeless in Britain, and the poverty struck in third world countries.

But the main difference between social bite and the rest is that 100% (every single penny) of profit goes towards solving social problems. This is not a token gesture. This is not a PR spin. This is just a different kind of business. A business to help others. This is a Social Business.

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