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Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool, FY3 8NR
United Kingdom
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About MRCP PACES Coaching

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Face-to-face Skype Coaching sessions delivered by Senior MRCP PACES Tutors

Interactive PACES Workshops on Practical demonstration of PACES examination techniques and "talking" stations

Teaching faculty of NHS UK Consultants with a track record of Excellence in MRCP PACES teaching

Book a date and time convinient to YOU, from comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world

Learn highly effective strategy to pass PACES in first attempt

Focused and targeted coaching to address YOUR PACES Specific training needs

Excellent PACES guidance, mentoring and tips

Learn UNIQUE & Highly effective approach to excel in ALL stations of MRCP PACES PACES

FREE online advice to all your PACES specific queries

Are you preparing to sit MRCP PACES for the first time and wondering how to KICK START your exam preparation?

Have you failed this challenging exam before and wondering what could be done to pass it next time?

Are you looking to seek High quality EXPERT advice from SENIOR PACES tutors for all you exam queries?

Do you want a constructive and critical review of your past exam scores/college feedback with an in-depth analysis of how to overcome your weaknesses?

Are you wondering how some doctors seem to 'FLY' through the exam with ease?

What if you get a 'difficult' case? ........

What will really happen on the day of my exam?.....

You have come to the RIGHT place.

We will help you devise a PERSONALISED learning plan that works for YOU and has worked for hundreds of other doctors we have helped in passing PACES.

Most PACES courses do not always teach you what it ACTUALLY takes to pass the MRCP PACES exam. There are so many doctors who fail PACES each year and most have NO clue WHY they failed.

We have dedicated a lot of time and thought to work out what ACTUALLY help YOU in your quest for a pass. With the help of our dedicated online coaching session for PACES, you CAN PASS the exam FIRST TIME. We will ensure that you're armed with the correct knowledge and skills to pass PACES.

By attending our online PACES Coaching you will discover precisely what separates a "borderline" from a "satisfactory" candidate

We will tell you how to eliminate all of those "if's and but's" that seem to surround the exam..

You will learn:

How to AVOID the psychological traps' that virtually every doctor falls into!'

Legend myths' about the exam debunked!

How to ACTUALLY improve your COMMUNICATION skills to tackle ANY talking station

The absolute MUST HAVE ATTITUDE to have in order to pass first time

What you MUST do NOW to prepare yourself for the exam

You will receive a complete and comprehensive guide on negotiating PACES exam. Every technique that our senior PACES turors have used to achieve such a fantastic outcome for many doctors over the years, whom they have helped pass the exam FIRST time.

Whether you've just started preparing for the exam or whether you've got a bit of experience, you will MASSIVELY benefit from this useful insight.

Your chances of passing first time will soar sky high once you know what the examiners are REALLY looking for.

If you want to be as certain as you ever will be about passing first time, then the sooner you know this the better. Because every time you go out practicing and rehearsing from now until your exam you're literally missing out on putting this valuable information into practice!

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