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23 Beeches Avenue
Worthing, BN14 9JE
United Kingdom
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About Massage and Hypnotherapy with Victoria Smith

Massage and Hypnotherapy with Victoria Smith Massage and Hypnotherapy with Victoria Smith is one of the popular place listed under Spas/Beauty/Personal Care in Worthing , Massage in Worthing , Alternative & Holistic Health in Worthing ,

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Through massage I strive to leave my client’s body relaxed, rejuvenated and with a memory of the healing power of human touch. I can work with heat using hot stones or herbal compresses to warm the muscles so I can access deeper layers of the tissue. I also can work with essential oils and use the healing powers of herbs and flowers. I like to assess each part of my clients body and apply the appropriate pressure on an individual basis to achieve maximum benefits to each part of the body that I work on.

Hypnotherapy £65 per session
What is it that you want for yourself? What chances would you like to make for yourself? How would your life be if you made these changes for yourself? Through hypnotherapy I can guide you to make the changes you want to.

Aromatherapy £40 per hour
The brain's olfactory system can pick up on airborne aromatic molecules via the nostrils. This evokes a response from the limbic system within the brain which produces an immediate emotional or instinctive response. When used on the skin aromatic oils can be absorbed directly into the blood stream and will affect the body’s chemistry. The art of the Aroma-therapist is to assess the client’s needs and concoct a potion that will have the greatest positive effect on the client's health. The best potions have a top, middle and bottom note. The notes of an essential oil dictate how quickly the sent evaporates and how long the sent lasts.

Deep Tissue 40 per hour
Deep tissue massage is a form of massage that focuses on releasing myofacial restrictions of the deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. Using my experience I can detect knotted or painful areas which I call trigger points. When these are found I deploy specific techniques to relax these muscles, which encourages nutrients and oxygen to free-flow in to the blood stream. This has a deeply relaxing effect on stressed muscles and results in the release of tension on many levels. This is a great treatment to alleviate repetitive stress such as tense muscles due to bad posture or deep emotional stress which has led to muscle tension.

Ear Candling £30 per 45 mins
The Ancient Greeks brought this soothing treatment to us. During a treatment with me I ask the client to lie down on my couch and work on the most clogged ear first. I twist a hollow candle made of 100% beeswax into the client’s ear just deep enough to make a tight seal. I light the candle at the other end and let the heat from the candle draw up all the impurities from within the ear. At the same time I massage the side of the neck to help open the ear canal for a more thorough cleaning. Most clients find this almost a meditative treatment . At the end of the treatment some client’s like me to cut the candle open to show the client what the candle has drawn out of their ear. I have had some very interesting results including not only wax but sea water- salt crystals and dried shampoo! The drawing out of impurities can last for up to 24 hours. I will recommend a second or even third treatment if the blockage is packed in to the ear canal. I can assess this by timing how long the candle takes to burn, how much impurities have been drawn out and how the client feels after each treatment.

Hot Stone £45 per hour £60 per 90 minutes
This ancient Indian treatment uses a type of igneous rock called Basalt. These smoothed volcanic stones retain heat well and therefore once warmed help the therapist work on the deep layers of the muscles. This treatment leaves the mind and body in a deep state of relaxation.

Reflexology £30 45 mins
The function of reflexology is to stimulate the body's healing mechanism by pressing on reflexes found in the feet and hands that correlate to all individual organs, glands and body areas. This improves many conditions such as disorders of the skin, reproductive system, urinary and digestive systems. I start this treatment with a ritual foot soak in warm water often perminated by an aromatherapy oil to relax and cleanse the feet. Having your feet attended to in this tender manner is a great start to the healing process as it builds a bond between me and my client.

Swedish massage £30 55 mins
This massage relaxes, focuses and clears the mind. I use various techniques such as continuous movements, pressure manipulation, pummeling and vibration to reduce tension and stress giving a balancing effect to the nervous system. Full body massage brings awareness of the whole body, improving posture and a general feeling of well-being.

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage £50
60 minutes or £60 per 90 minutes

All treatments can be carried out at the salon address but can also be carried out in the convenience of your our home. There is a small additional charge for this depending on distance from Worthing.

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