Clifton Suspension Bridge 6.14

Bridge Road, Leigh Woods
Bristol, BS8 3PA
United Kingdom

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Brunel’s world famous Clifton Suspension Bridge is the symbol of Bristol – but how and why was it built? Cross the Avon Gorge 75 metres above the high tide mark and find out why the design of the Bridge changed so many times, how daredevil bridge builders managed to get the suspension chains from one side to the other, the impressive secret discovered 140 years after the bridge first opened - and what the mysterious Latin inscription ‘Suspensa Vix Via Fit’ really means.

There is FREE ENTRY to the Visitor Centre every day - plus FREE TOURS of the bridge every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday from Easter to the end of October Half Term.

Find out more about what's on by taking a look at our website:

The bridge is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and FREE for pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

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