Chessington World of Adventures Resort 7.34

Leatherhead Road
Chessington, KT9 2NE
United Kingdom
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About Chessington World of Adventures Resort

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If you would like to send us any comments or feedback regarding your experience at the Resort, please contact our Guest Help & Information team on our website:

While you are on the page we encourage you to leave comments, photos, videos, and links. However here are a few guidelines for posting so this remains a fun and pleasant place for everyone.

What to post:

• Photos and Videos of Your Visit – We always love to see your adventures on the rides with the animals and in the hotel. It’s also fun to share your experiences with others.
• Questions – Do you have a question about Chessington? Post it on the Wall and see what other people have to say. We can’t guarantee we’ll reply however most questions have been answered on
• Your Chessington Experience – Tell everybody about your trip and all about the experiences you had at Chessington. We love to hear all feedback, positive or negative. However if you’ve had a negative experience please tell us why by contacting Guest Help & Information

What not to post:
• Rude/offensive photo or language – We do not tolerate any abusive, malicious or intimidating behaviour or language within our Facebook page. This includes hate speech, racial, religious, sexual, cultural or other remarks which are deliberately offensive to specific groups; threatening or bullying of our staff or other users; abusive or offensive comments relating to any member of our staff; offensive or pornographic language or images; anything which incites or shows violence, or encourages illegal activity or behaviour; unsubstantiated, libellous or defamatory comments which are damaging to our business. Activity is monitored by Chessington staff on a regular basis and every effort is made to ensure our fans are engaging in a safe, friendly and fun environment.
• Links and Advertisements – In general, all links and advertisements will be removed. While we love seeing other products and Facebook pages our fans like, the focus of this page is Chessington.
• Photos and Videos from onboard the rides – It is dangerous to hold cameras or phones while on a ride.
If you repeatedly post material that falls into the above you will be banned from participating on the page.

Please understand that comments posted to this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

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