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Have a read through and if there's anything you don't understand (nail tech lingo) just drop me a message.

Clear overlay with gel polish £30
Clear sculptures with gel polish £40
Clear infills with gel polish £30
Coloured acrylic design overlay £30
Coloured acrylic design sculptures £40
Infills with coloured acrylic redesign £40
hybrid gel and acrylic extensions £30
Infills with gel polish for hybrid nails £25
Removal £10
All infills are 3 weeks or less.
Any infills after 4 weeks require a rebalance and an additional £5 will be added to your service.

Gel polish design on natural nails £15
.... with nail guards or strengthener £20

Removal £10
Removal before application £5

Lost a nail? �
In the unfortunate event that you should lose a nail within 3 days of your appointment (even if it's your fault �) I will repair free of charge - providing that I have available space.
After this, charges are as follows...
Overlay £3
Sculpture £4
Hybrid £3

� � Most nail art services are included in the prices above. However, intricate and time consuming art must be booked in advance to allow extra time, and will be chargeable at £10.
⁉ If you are unsure about a design and how long it will take, please enquire about this when you book your appointment.

Getting married?? No extra charge for bridal nails here ��

Swarovski crystals are £2.50 per nail for full nail coverage. Got long nails? Sorry girls, it'll be £5! ����

Wanting the odd crystal here and there? Your first 10 crystals are on me �

All glitters, foils, 3D embellishments, pigments, stones etc are free ��

3D acrylic art (flowers, bows etc), your first 2 nails are free � wanting more? £1 per nail

Now for the boring, but important bit....
I hate to be a stickler, but rules are rules so please read them and take note. Please understand I am a small business, and businesses don't succeed on no shows and cancellations, therefore I won't be making any exceptions.
ALL appointments require a £10 deposit. This will be deducted off your treatment cost at your appointment. This can be paid via bank transfer.
Deposits are NON TRANSFERABLE and NON REFUNDABLE with less than 24 hours notice.
If you fail to turn up to an appointment without contacting me, you will lose your deposit and will be charged 50% of your booked treatment/s plus an additional £10 deposit should you choose to make another appointment.
Please arrive to your appointment on time. I always allow a bit of leeway for traffic, getting lost, doing your brows etc, however if you arrive 15 minutes or more after your scheduled appointment, I will be unable to carry out your treatment due to insufficient time. This will also result in you losing your deposit which will need paying again should you choose to make another appointment.
And as you ladies know, my diary is very full, so the chances of you getting an appointment asap, is very slim. So pleeeeease don't be late.
That's all guys �
� Lisa Graves
� 07588448674
[email protected]
� 122 monks road, lincoln, LN2 5PQ

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