Ace Cafe 6.26

Ace Corner, North Circular Road
London, NW10
United Kingdom

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The Ace Cafe is a former transport cafe in Stonebridge, north-west London, England which has been extensively redeveloped becoming a functions and entertainment venue. It is historically a notable venue in motorcycle culture which originally operated from 1938 until 1969, then re-opened on the original site in 1997.HistoryAce Cafe opened in 1938 to accommodate traffic on the new North Circular Road. Because the cafe was open 24 hours a day, it started to attract motorcyclists. It became popular with the Ton Up Boys in the 1950s and the Rockers in the 1960s and was where the motorcycling priest Bill Shergold came to invite them to the 59 Club.The cafe was rebuilt in 1949 after being destroyed in a World War II air raid on the nearby Willesden railway marshalling yard. Events in the post-war environment made the Ace a success – the emergence of the teenager, increase in traffic, and the British motorcycle industry at its peak. Many young people started to meet at the cafe with their motorcycles and listen to rock'n'roll. Many bands and motorcycle enthusiast groups formed there.The cafe closed in 1969, shortly after the opening of the Scratchwood Services at what was then the southern end of the M1 motorway. The ground floor of the building became a tyre sales and fitting shop. The first floor was occupied by a vehicle delivery company.

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