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Portsmouth, PO3 6AR
United Kingdom
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Charlotte has dual nationality between France and Britain and is bilingual. Having grown up between Paris and within an hour of London Charlotte was taken to art galleries and exhibitions from an early age, by her French Grandmother and Mother. Art, philosophy, literature, politics, music and fashion were passions within the family and promoted with great importance. Now Charlotte lives on the South Coast in the vibrant city of Portsmouth with her husband and 3 cats, where she works from home in her office and studio.

Charlotte is an international visual artist, a published illustrator, feature writer, the Editor and chief of ASLI Magazine and Managing Director and co-founder of Art Saves Lives International.

Charlotte’s education in art started early at her Montessori nursery school. Pursuing art all the way to college but found the constraints of being “taught art” limiting and turned to more academic subjects such as philosophy and psychology whilst learning photography. Returning to education in 2006 Charlotte did a diploma in fine art (painting and drawing) and is now in her last year of her BA (Honours) Philosophy and Psychological Studies degree and has taken creative writing for extra credit. With this she hopes to create online courses for creative therapies as well as writing her own books.

For Charlotte receiving art therapy taught her more about art than any lesson or teacher. “Art is fluid and creates energy which can be felt, art is not only visual”. Elitism and ego are negativities Charlotte avoids in the art world.

Charlotte is an active campaigner and activist for many issues, such as mental health awareness, women’s rights, anti-capitalism, and anti-war and for breaking down rape stigma and fighting against rape culture. With her own mental illness Charlotte wants to prove that a person such as herself does not have to be deemed unemployable or incompetent as she works against the odds every day, speaking out about her struggles to break down stigma and show that mental illness is like any other physical illness.

Charlotte is also a rape survivor and is currently working on an exhibition about her rape and rape culture within society which she will be exhibiting around Europe and Asia in 2016/2017

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